General Evaluator

The responsibilities of the General Evaluator are large, but so are the rewards. “The mission [of the General Evaluator] is to illustrate how things can be improved next time and comment on how the roles were handled. The objective is to leave the audience with the feeling that someone is keeping track – to make the next meeting better than the last one.” – Wayne Messick, ATM, a member of Traffic Toastmasters

Before the meeting, the General Evaluator confirms that their evaluation team (speech evaluators, grammarian, ah-counter and timer)  is signed up in Easy Speak. Send out reminder emails or exchange people if necessary.

During the Meeting
The General Evaluator evaluates anything and everything that takes place throughout the meeting. During the meeting, look for examples of preparation, organization, delivery, enthusiasm, observation, and general performance of duties that were good or in need of improvement. Consider the room setup and the flow of the meeting. Could anything be improved?


You will introduce the role briefly, and then proceed directly to introducing the speech evaluations and Grammarian. The General Evaluator’s comments should be no more than 3-4 minutes, and are given after the rest of the evaluation team has presented.

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