Canyon Park Echoes members come from diverse backgrounds. Reasons for joining the club range from improving presentation skills at work, advancing on-camera speaking skills for social media, becoming more comfortable when speaking English, and simply focusing on self-improvement.

Some of our members are stay-at-home parents or home-based professionals, and getting out of the house each week to focus on themselves and spend time with new friends is an important part of their Toastmasters experience.

Toastmasters helps members:

  • Challenge yourself to gain new skills
  • Improve communication and speaking skills
  • Learn to structure a speech
  • Build confidence in front of an audience
  • Improve your on-camera presence
  • Advance ESL proficiency
  • Learn to think (and speak) on-your-feet
  • Grow as a leader
  • Have fun!

Kurt K. became a key note speaker!

Kurt K regaling members with his The Birth of Sound speech

Kurt K joined after realizing that he needed to improve his communications skills at work. He was recently promoted but felt that his ability to clearly and concisely impart key talking points in meetings needed help. He also wanted to overcome his fear of speaking to large audiences, something he would have to do frequently in his new role.

“I felt that some of my tangible skills were missing. The ability to relay a point. I would get really nervous in front of audiences, and lose confidence and forget what I wanted to say. I wanted to improve my skills in a practical way to advance my communications. Toastmasters is helping me to accomplish it,” explained Kurt.

After researching Toastmasters, Kurt attended a Canyon Park Echoes meeting. Since joining, he has focused on overcoming his nervousness in front of audiences, improving his ability to stay on-topic in speeches, and organizing his thoughts in order to answer audience questions on-the-fly. Today, Kurt confidently meets with customer senior management, has been quoted in articles, and will soon present as keynote speaker for a national organization.