The timer serves two purposes:

  1. Assisting with keeping the meeting running smoothly in the allotted time.
  2. Helping to train members to express a thought within a specific time.

The timer signals the speakers through a system of lights. Typically, the green light is turned on when the minimum time is reached, the red light is turned on at the maximum time, and the yellow light is turned on midway between these two times.

Before the start of the meeting, verify the length of each speech on the agenda.

During the Meeting
The Timer uses the stopwatch and the worksheet to record the length of time each person spoke while filling the following roles:

  • Speaker
  • Each Table Topics Respondent
  • Evaluator

At the end of the meeting the General Evaluator will ask if everyone met their allotted time so that they can be included in voting. If time permits, they will ask you to report on the length of each speech.

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