Table Topics

The Table Topics Master provides opportunities for people who haven’t already spoken to practice their impromptu speaking skills.

Bring a list of about 5 questions that you can pose to a fellow Toastmaster. These may center around a theme or be completely random. There are many creative ideas for how to approach this role if you search for it on the internet.


When introduced, the Table Topics Master should briefly state the purpose of the topics session: (1)to give everyone in the room an opportunity to speak, and (2)to get people to learn to “think and speak on their feet.” Another tip: Direct your Table Topic questions to members and guests with no speaking roles FIRST, then ask the Ah Counter and Timer. If you have time, then you may ask the Grammarian, Opener, and other remaining members. You should ask the Toastmaster before you begin to let you know the end time for giving Table Topics questions. State the question briefly – then call on a respondent.

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