CL Evaluator

The CL Evaluator provides written feedback to club members who are using the Competent Leader manual to earn their CL award.

Before the meeting someone may ask you to evaluate them in a role. At the beginning of the meeting the Toastmaster will usually remind people to pass their manuals. This is your chance to be a CL Evaluator! You will use the objectives listed in the manual to evaluate your fellow Toastmaster on their role.

During the Meeting:

The CL Evaluator should pay close attention to each person he/she is evaluating, and review the questions involved in that particular evaluation. Since the manual covers ten different areas of leadership, the evaluator might be observing one person’s listening skills one day and watching another person’s motivational skills the next. Be sure to focus on the particular skill set for each person. Write comments for each member to answer the questions and to provide the important feedback they need to improve their skills in that area.

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