Canyon Park Echoes! “Let Them Eat Cake!”

13th Anniversary Party—celebrating our grand history—will be the theme of our regular meeting this coming Wednesday, January 18th. We will recount some of our past history, and hopefully reminisce with some of our graduates (aka former members). If you know of anyone who used to attend, but doesn’t now, PLEASE ask that person (or persons) to come!


We won’t have a meal, but will have a cake celebration.


Most of the meeting will be centered around celebrating our 13 years. One of our two speeches will also be a GREAT look-ahead….you don’t want to miss it!

Anyone who has ever been a friend or member of the club is cordially invited to attend. Cake will be served. We will have fun memories of our club through the years. CPE “Graduates” will be specially recognized.


Please let us know if you will attend @ and so we’ll know how many to plan for.