Welcome New Member Mahek Chhugani

Fellow Toastmasters, please welcome Mahek to our club. The introduction she shared with me is so eloquent, I don’t have the heart to change it so here it is:

I am from India. And I was part of Toastmasters club over there. I moved to US last year. I already have my Competent Communicator (CC) certification. Still in process to finish my Competent Leader(CL) manual. Though I have achieved my CC certification, I still don’t feel so confident speaking in public, this is the reason I wanted to resume my journey with Toastmasters. I want to have clarity of thought, to be able to communicate as clearly as possible. Sometimes I feel I want to say something and the listeners don’t get what I am trying to say. I also want to improve my listening skills. My friends say I think a lot, and sometimes while listening also, I get lost in my own world. I really want to work on my attention span. And I am confident, by being proactive member of this club, I will be a better speaker and definitely a better listener.
Mahek Chhugani