Support for Prison Voices Count

Every voice counts – even those from behind prison walls. Perhaps, especially those from behind prison walls.

With this thought in mind, Canyon Park Echoes Toastmasters members voted to support Prison Voices Count, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Toastmasters clubs within the correctional and rehabilitation system.

Prison Voices Counts fosters both the human and the economic benefits of Toastmasters in prison. The inmates gain confidence, dignity and job seeking skills. In addition, prisons who participate in Toastmasters are less likely to return to prison after their release. For the Monroe Correctional Center, this is a possible savings of $1.2 million based on 3 prison clubs based there.

Thanks to Pat Sultan for bringing this program to our attention and kudos to our club members for voting to support this cause. We voted to donate $72, the membership dues for one prisoner for one year.