A big WELCOME to our new members Kirk Dukes and Will Cotterell

Welcome our two new Canyon Park Echoes Toastmasters Kirk Dukes and Will Cotterell

Kirk Dukes comes to us from another Toastmasters club, we are sorry for their loss but happy for our gain.  Kirk works for Platt Electric and is working on both his Competent Leader and Competent Communicator manuals. Kirk, I am sure you have already done your Ice Breaker speech in the previous club but we would love to hear it again in our club if you want to give it again :-).

Will Cotterell is a Panasonic Graphic Designer. One of our long time members Natalie Weakley finally convinced Will to join our fun group (and let’s face it, we have way too much of a good time during our meetings to not attract a few Panasonic employees).  Will, we are here to help you become more at home in front of others.  Let us know how we can best support you.

Welcome to the club, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the board members or club members if you have any questions.