Tips for being a successful Mentor

  1. Get your Mentee’s contact information and discuss the best way to communicate (Phone, email, or face to face)
  2. Try to arrange a meeting within the first few weeks where you both can meet for 15 minutes and discuss what the mentee wants out of the relationship
  3. Look at the schedule every week for the next few weeks and note times when your mentee will be in a new role
  4. Discuss with your mentee what the expectations are for that role and how to be prepared
  5. Try to sit near your mentee at the meetings when they are performing a new role
  6. Offer to fill out your mentee’s Leadership Manual each week if possible and encourage them to get feedback from others in the club
  7. Offer to help your mentee with their first few speeches, provide tips to help them with their nerves, provide feedback after each speech that encourages them and gives them good things to work on for the next speech
  8. Encourage your mentee to volunteer for new roles as they open up and be there for them to answer any questions they have
  9. Encourage your mentee to raise their hand for table topics
  10. Ask for feedback from time to time on how you can be a better mentor, remember that each relationship is going to be different than any other mentor/mentee relationship you might have had before
  11. Remember that has great information on how to be a good mentor, refer to the website for additional tips and tricks