President’s Distinguished Club Recognition

Congratulations to the Canyon Park Echoes club for achieving this status.  There was a lot of hard work by our team members and officers to get us to this level.  Fantastic job to everyone.  Your efforts to improve yourselves have all helped the club achieve this very special recognition.  Only 38 clubs out of 183 received this top honor.

In order to get this status we had to get 9 of 10 of the following requirements and we did achieve this:  Two CC’s; Two more CC’s; One Advanced Communicator Bronze/Silver/Gold; One more ACB, ACS, or ACG; One CL, Advanced Leader Bronze/Silver, or Distinguished Toast Master; One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM; four new members; four more new members; minimum of four club officers trained during each of the two training periods; and/or one membership dues renewal report and one club officer list submitted on time.

Time to be proud of our 2010-2011 accomplishments!

One thought on “President’s Distinguished Club Recognition”

  1. Cngratulations club on working hard for this great achievement. Your success is the club’s success and it is a lot of hard work to complete one of these goals.
    Again, congratulations to everyone. If anyone needs help with personal goals this year in Toastmasters, please let me know or work with your mentor and we can work to achieving a repeat this year.

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